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7-26-09 Nice Boar


We went hunting Saturday Morning early with in heat and NO LUCK . We got out ran like a Jack A$$ at the Kentucky Derby.  So Sunday it rained off and on all day and the Temp never got over 85 F and the ground had some moisture on it.  I decided to go hunting right at dark so I called my dad and asked him if he wanted to go .  We loaded up all the dogs and arrived right as it was getting dark.  Dropped the curs and it wasn't but a few minutes into the hunt and we heard them start barking. Then they broke and ran about 1/2 mile. We headed that way and got within 580 yards from em and stopped and listened.  Then we heard them start baying. We were across a corn field from them and with a woods patch with a slough in between us and them. I debated a minute on what to do . We decided to go all the way back around to the blacktop road and go around to the next corn field over and try to get a little closer.  While watching the Garmin GPS we cut up on the side of the corn field and went untill we were 150 yards from them and stopped and listened. They were still bayed solid. I turned PPC Recado and PPC De'Angelo to em and it wasn't but just a few seconds the bay got silent so I figured they were caught.  We road the 4 wheelers on up and got within 10 yards from them. Recado on one ear and De'Angelo on the other ear.  I legged the hog and my Dad stuck him. It was a Nice Boar . De'Angelo got cut  " AGAIN "  but will be just fine.  We loaded the dogs up and called it a night. Took him to my dads house and put him on the scales and he weighed in at 240 lbs . He looked bigger than that to me but hey thats what the scales said. Dressed him and put him in the freezer.  It was a fun hunt with just me and my Dad. Memories made ! !   I hope that  ican still go hog hunting when im 69 years old. LOL