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Hunting Stories
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05-09-09 Hunt South Louisiana

I got a call and Invitation to go back down to south louisiana to do some hunting on the Mississippi River with Thre' and some of his friends Mr. Scooter. He also Invited Beau and Herchiel . We got there friday night and made a short run and struck out . Went back to the camp and ate and visited a while and off to bed and back up early Saturday Morning . Headed out at daylight and started hunting . We had a few curs on the ground and also . Three dogos, Beaus Ex-Man , My Recado and De'angelo . The curs struck and off they went. All three dogs right behind them. While watching them on the Garmin the curs were rolling . We were just sitting there waiting to see what was gonna happen. All of a sudden we hear a hit and a little fight and then a squeal. We took off to it and Me and Beau got caught up in some Deep water . De'Angelo found and caught it own his own with no other dogs. It was a Boar about 75 lbs . Thre' legged it and had another guy to come hold its back legs and just about the time he was going to break De'Angelo off he heard EX coming in. He told the guy to just HOLD ON . BAM Ex hit like a freaking monster . Then we broke both dogs off and had the land owners son-in-law to stick it. It was his first stick and he thought it was AWSOME.

While we were sitting there talking about that hog I looked at my Garmin and it showed Sadie bayed about 350 yards out. I told Thre' to listen sure enough we heard her baying. So i took off that way and turned De'Angelo loose. I got about half way there and look back and dont see the rest of the party comeing. So when i get to it i go ahead and stick it myself. it was a Sow about 65 lbs. When everyone else gets there it was to late . LOL .

We hunted for a while longer and Nothing. We go back to the trucks and eat some lunch and go out again . We struck a group of hogs and had three bays going at one time. Ex-Man makes it to the first one and then De'Angelo and when the squeal started the other dogs came to the one that was squealling. We let Thres' son ,Wells, Stick it and he made quick work of it just like an old Pro ! ! The curs rolled back out and about 600 yards Boots showed to be bayed but only for a minute. We were walk hunting so NO WAY we could make it to him. And he was too far off for us to hear him . After a while later we finally get all the dogs back and boots was cut in his neck right behind the ear. We had a great time and would have got to do some more hunting but the river was coming up too fast and we had to get out of there before we got trapped in . Hers a few pictures of the hunt .

The Three Dogos on the ground with NO PROBLEMS

The first hog De'Angelo found and caught and then Ex-Man came in . LOL

The second hog Sadie found

The First two hogs on the fourwheeler .

Beau with Wells laying on Ex-Man

Third hog bayed with the curs and caught by Ex-Man

Wells with the hog he stuck

Beau ridding thru the rising Mississippi with his new fourwheeler

De'Angelo and Recado , a PERFECT hunting pair