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Thanksgiving Eve 4 More - November 26, 2009

Figuered while I was still on vacation i would get in a little more hunting . I dont get to go as much as i would like when im working. LOL So I was talking to a friend and he wanted to go so I loaded up the dogs. We went to a new place first and it didnt pan out . We went to another one of my spots and unloaded the dogs. We went about 100 yards dfrom the truck and the dogs fell bayed. Turned PPC Recado, PPC Ziggy " Daisy", and Lanes little pit Sarena to em and the deal was done. A nice little boar about 175 lbs with sharp little 1 1/2" teeth. We tied him and took him back to the truck and put him in my live box. Dogs rolled out again and was off to the races for about an hour but the hogs wouldn't stop running. We made another round and Dogs jumped and ran about 750 yards and got the hog bayed. We turned Recado, Daisy, and Serena to em and it was another caught hog. Lane was wanting a hog to put on the BBQ pit so we stuck her. She was perfect size and nice and fat about 200 lbs. Dogs rolled out and ran for about another hour and bayed a couple of times but didn't hold em long enough for us to turn the catch dogs to em. All the curs started trickling in one by one and when they all made it back they seemed pretty tired so we were gonna go back to the truck and get a couple of fresh dogs. While ridding back t o the truck Sadie starts barking on the 4 wheeler. We told her to hush a couple of times but then Lilly and Ree started whinning and barking also. So we stopped and dropped them on the ground and Sadie went out about 100 yards and fell bayed again. The other curs went to her and all started baying. So we Turned Recado, Daisy, and Serena to em and BAM hog #3 another sow about 200 lbs. We get her hobbled and loaded . We took her to the truck and put her in my live box with the boar. Changeed some dogs out with a couple of fresh dogs and started making another round. I had Sadie on the four wheeler wit a couple other dogs and a few on the ground. She started barking again so i cut her loose. She ran in the tall grass and started barking and them we heard a squeal. She caught a little pig about 10 lbs. . So that made hog #4 . LOL .

Hog #1

Hog #2

Hog #3

Hog #4
No Pics too small LOL

Boar and sow in the live box the next morning before putting them in my pen