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South Texas, Feb 2007

After twisting Not one but both of of my friend, Donte's arm, and getting him in trouble at home I finally got him to meet up with me in south Texas for a weekend of hunting until we could hardly go any more. We hadn't planned on hunting Friday night until we got a call from Dennis and Mike telling us to hurry up they had a hunt lined up. So we were excited. The weather was perfect all weekend. Donte meet up with us on the way down in Austin Texas. Just as we were arriving the sun was setting and the view was gorgeous.

We arrived at Dennis' house and was met by Dennis and Family with warm hospitality and a very delicious Pork dinner. We didn't stay long and off we went to met up with Mike, and crew for our first night hunt. We arrived at the meeting location and it didn't take long for us to head out. We walked for about 20 - 30 minutes and we hear a bay. That darn ol "Chaos,"(Curdog belonging to Jarrett Newman) done struck a hog. It wasn't long before the other curs joined in and we found ourselves with a net wire fence between us and the bay. The only catch dogs with us were Dontes two and we had to pick both of them big suckers up and put them over the fence. We got there just as the dogos hit and Bam that hog hit them like a freight train. Both Dogos then twisted around and hit the hog again and just like Pros, Caught the hog. He had good teeth and cut both the Dogos.

We walked for a couple more hours and no more hogs. We got in around 3 am tended to dogs and went to bed. Got back up at daybreak and went out again with Dennis C. and Dennis G. and James R. "Longshot". After getting organized we set out walking with a few curs on the ground and five Dogos.

After walking for about 30 minutes the cur dogs were gone. My Sadie was gone for about 30 minutes as with a few other of the curs so we started tracking them. When we got close to where we thought they should be Sadie comes to us limping. I checked her feet and she has worn the pads off of both front feet. I guess that hard Texas terrain was to rough on her. Loaded her up and James and Daniel go off tracking his little jadg terrier while we wait for then. James takes his Dogo Female and Daniel takes PPC Uniqo "Niko" Just In Case.
They are gone for about 20 minutes and James' Jagd comes back to us. We radioed them so they start walking back to us and all of a sudden James radios back and says " we got a hog we got a hog" Then i tried to see what they needed and all i could hear was huffing and puffing on the radio. I think James needs to get to the track field. LOL. When we get to them We see James' dog on the other side of the River in the water with a mouth full of hog refusing to let go. I asked Daniel where's Niko and he said "with the hog he ran down and caught and I killed" I told Daniel to go back and get him. Im hollering at James as both the hog and dog keep going under " you better go get her she's gonna drown she's gonna drown" James shucks most everything. and jumps in. The water was swift and fast. He makes it to the other side grabs a log and pulls himself up on the log and get to his dog and has to break her from the hog. After that death defying save he takes a breather on the log.

While doing so the hog swims back to my side of the river and find a little nook to get in. So we then get James and his dog back on my side and I get James gun and shot the hog. the banks of this river are straight up and down and very slippery. I told James the hog was about to slide into the river and i wanted to bring her out she would have been a good eating hog. I jumped down and grab the hog by the ear and then we both start to slide into the river , and i cant swim. James tells me to leave her and I did and off into the river she went. After regrouping and all we went back to get the hog Niko caught and it was a nice sow about 150 lbs a good eating hog. Daniel said they saw the hogs in the field and he cut Niko loose and he focused on the biggest one and ran her down by himself and caught her. Also My young cur pup Luke saw them and ran down a little pig and caught it. Ill let Daniel tell the rest of that story.

Here's the three dogs that caught a hog on that expedition.

We got all the dogs back and went to another place and walked for a while and no hogs then went to another place and roaded Dennis G. dog Stone for a while and nothing.
At this point it was getting dark so we called it a day and loaded up and Headed back to Mikes for another hunt.
After all the walking we were getting pretty tired so we rode in two trucks on 16,000 acres and as luck would have it bayed up on another property. We decided to turn in at 3 am and get some sleep because Donte was complaining. LOL I was still hanging tuff.

We got back up at day light again and headed back to Dennis C. to meet up with Mr. Calvin, Dennis G. and a few other. Started walking and after about 20 minutes the dogs start a bay. we head that direction and cut the Dogos loose. Just as we un snap them the hog breaks but didn't go far and the dogos were in hot pursuit and we were close behind. Got to 'em and Cacique and Niko each had an ear and Dennis' Blue launched in. Someone hollered and said " Stick him Donte" and off into the cactus thick he went. LOL I told him to hold up the hog was pushing his way into a clearing. I legged him and then Donte Stuck him.

Two Dogos that didn't want to let go of a Dying hog.
Niko on left Cacique on the right.

One of Ron's curs got a pretty bad cut to the neck so we had to do some field doctoring. After we got everything together we headed back out walking with Mr. Calvin and Dennis G. again. Walked for about what seemed like two or three miles and finally get another hog started . It was another good boar and it ran across the road in front of us. We un leashed the Niko, Jane, and Cacique and just as luck would have it a small pig runs out in front of us and goes back in the opposite direction as the big boar. The dogos focus on him and go after it. While we were trying to get them back the curs get him bayed and Dennis C. turns loose blue and caught the hog and Dennis G. Stuck it so no action pics.

We load up and go to another place they call the wolf grass patch. Steve moody and a few others walk down by the river and we cut across the field. Just as we start to walk. Steve radioed and said he just seen a group of hogs running. We look up and see a big group running about 200 yards ahead of us. Daniel and Preston takes off running and Donte and I turn loose both of our boys. I look and see Dillion still has Jane on lead and i tell him to let her go. So she is about 5 - 8 seconds behind and bolts off. Donte stops in his tracks and says "Marv look at that speed shes gonna pass them boys, Marv she's gonna do She caught him" "Caught Hog " Niko and Cacique were right on her heals and sealed the deal.

The curs caught two more small ones in the field also.

We headed to a couple other spots and done some more walking

We walked until dark but nothing else turned up. We ended the evening with another PERFECT South Texas Sun Set.