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Corpus Christi, TX Hunt 2004 My sons Daniel, Marvin & Dillon Dillon & Marvin
Family hunt Family hunt No catch, Stick Peter, Birgitte & Marvin
South_Texas_huntin.jpg (223951 bytes) CIMG0957.jpg (220111 bytes)
Peter & Marvin Recado, Jane, Uno Feb. 2007
Hunting in South Texas
Me legging a Boar while Donte dispatches it.
CIMG0962.jpg (232170 bytes) DG_Marvin_Donte.jpg (204271 bytes) Calvin_DG_Marving_DA.jpg (228654 bytes)  
Hunting free range wild boar in South Texas Dennis G., Me, Donte and a few of the hogs we caught in S. TX. Mr. Calvin, Dennis G. Me, Donte.