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Hunting Stories:

Louisiana Pulled Pork 08-29-08


I couldn't make it to the Dog Show so I got up this morning and headed to the hunting location by myself as I could not find anyone to go hunting with me. Got there at daybreak . Hunting for a couple hours and it was getting HOT ! ! ! At about 10:00 the dogs started baying in the corn about 100 yards in. I kicked Recado off the four wheeler and just about that time i heard a hugh and they broke. Then just a few seconds later I heard 2 bays. They split. I decided to go to the one that was closest to me. Just so happen I had my 357 Magnum with me this time, I never carry a gun , this was a first. when i get close to the bay i slowed down and started easing in trying to not make the hog break. I got in sight of him and he was fighting the curs back. As soon as the dogs backed out a little I shot it and it dropped in his tracks. After i got my breath a little and the dogs got quite i could hear the other bay a good ways off. Ran back to the four wheeler and headed to it. when I got close i could see them on the other side of the little river. Recado was locked on one ear and Daisy was locked on the other. The curs were helping and I was hoping they would come back to my side of the river. They finally got about half way back and I decided to jump in and finish the deal. It was a good hunt but hot as HELL and I thought I was about to heat stroke. Im glad they were in the river because it took me about 20 - 30 minutes to get to the second catch and im sure i would have had a dog to heat stroke on me if they were not in the water. 2 nice hogs weighed in at 160 lbs gutted so im guessing they were about 200 lbs on foot.

I had to pull them behind the fourwheeler because I was to exhausted to load them up.

Strange colored Boar with a nice mane .