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Louisiana 2005

We finally had the chance to visit Marvin Garrett, the owner of 3 dogs from our kennel, and go hunting with our own breeded dogs. A dream we had for a very long time, and finally we managed, with the BIG HELP from Marvin and his freind Marty Capers - Tiger Bayou Boar Hunts, in Louisiana.

Using the dogos as catch dogs is not legal in our part of the it is difficult to get such a chance..but important, when we are breeding a hunting breed.

So many kilometers we have made the past years to test them in pen, and NOW in a hunt.

Perro Pelea Cordobes Recado - son of Pochita Del Gualilan and Koby Del Indio Blanco - full brother to European champion Raya and the sister in Argentina Revancha...we could mention in fact the whole litter...they are all fine dogs with great heads and instincts for working.

Marvin also has Perro Pelea Cordobes Uniqo and Ursula, brother and sister, from Perro Pelea Cordobes Hira and Auca Bronco Knausser - they are now 11 month old and are developing above all highest expectations. This breeding is a breedind we did to preserve the blood from our old bloodline - the choise of Auca - was also made, because he carries genetics that goes back to the same line as in our old warrior Zoë.

We were very happy to see how they have grown - here they are 11 month old. Here is Ursula - also called Jane.

Here is Uniqo

Here is the story of our hunting done in Louisiana together with Marvin Garrett at Marty Capers hunting farm.

In the evening we drove cross Louisiana - . to meet up with Marty Capers and his wonderful family.

We went out on Martys farm and sat down at the fire, after had seen his dogs..a wonderful yard full of curdogs..these dogs just impress me SO MUCH..this is Shredder

Martys best dog ever..a living legend..this dog tell by his bay, the size of the boar he is baying..amazing dog..when he see a boar on a hunt is catched - he is already gone hunting again..same does Baby, who we had with us. AMAZING dogs, we just falled totally in love with them.

After seeing the dogs..we introduced the whole bunch to some danish bitters : ))- now also called danish medicine.. and people got more and more funny..some more early to bed that others..Marty is not to break down..but he also stayed secure sitting in his chair all night : )

Some needed to be followed to bed......

Peter for sure woke up with US hangovers : ))

Saturday morning we made us ready to hunt. Loaded the dogs..we brought on the hunt, Recado - Jane - and 4 curdogs, 3 from Marvin, Oreo, Sadie and Uno and Baby from Marty.

The 4 wheelers are amazing..loaded up with 4 dogs - and 3 people they run into the bushes and small trees like the biggest machines..amazing..when we started out, I thought for myself that this Marvin was totally crazy trying to drive into theese thick brushes with a bike with trailer loaded like this..on our 4wheeler we had Recado and Jane and Uno and Sadie..but it was possible..though you should watch for your eyes, when the torns and trees bounched back on you..BUT FUN IT WAS !!

We released the bay dogs, kept Baby on the bike, if we needed fresh dog at the end of the hunt.

It did not take them long to scent a hog..I was surpriced..they worked like small rockets..but still very concentrated.

Suddenly I heard that Marty said.".come on..this is not a small one.."

I wondered how he could know?? I learned that later..

When we arrived- to the place, after a tough ride through the brushes and torns for a while the curdogs already had a boar catched.

Uno, Sadie and Oreo - were so pumped up that they finished the catch themself, even before we had the chance to get there.

A little dangerous for them, but they managed fine..and no injouries on the dogs

It was a young male boar, with only small tusks - so pretty young - little more than a year maybe..we released him again.

Here he is just before Marty let go of him again.

Recado was going nuts at the bike..Jane started too...smelling the boar....

We went on the most beautiful place...a little river..thick forrest.

We were enjoying so much the nature, the colours of automm - nice warm weather, without beeing too much..just perfect..the dogs were working in the area. - further and further away..we should more time for talking and resting..the dogs were on the track of something..

We got near..we could hear the dogs baying very eagerly -

"release the young dogo" - Marty said - "it is not a big one...."

Jane was set free.- great - it was only her 2. hunt and it was great for us to see maybe get the chance to catch ..

We followed just behind her - she was excited and when she saw the boar, she went down in her body like a lion and took a good view of the boar and POW jumped on the ear..

Amazing to see, just like her sister Paloma we have here in Denmark - when we tested her in Romania - same way of loooking - same way of jumping - thinking and looking first for a second- and then a catch..always in the ear.

It was a sow - not perfect training for Jane, only her 2. hunt - when we released her from the boar she was screaming to get the sow again..she did not get enough. It took her a while to accept that the sow was not hers.

We released the sow again, and went far away from the place.

Then we just needed to find out how Marty could tell from the bay what size the boar was..and we were told that the dogs bay more deep and serious when it is a big one..they are more like playing around when it is a small hear the difference...

Some hours later, we also set Baby free ...they worked for a long time..for us it was like time was standing still - so intense - so wunderful nature - so great to see the dogs doing their job so fine..we had many great laughs at the 4 wheeler, for sure Marty and Marvin know eachother very good.. : ))

Here is Marvin taking a little back time for the danish medicine : ))

The curs were hunting something...we sometimes heard them getting nearer and starting bay..

then hunting again...we were excited !! could be a boar again..maybe also a big fast one..The curs were after him...

We started to track them..thanks GOD they are baying theese dogs !!!..otherwise you would NEVER be able to find them in theese thick woods.

We got nearer - like 40 yards away - we saw the bay dogs trying to get a boar bayed up..a fighting one..very fast - he was giving the curdogs a good run.

Recado was released..oh, man was he excited..he knew the business - he knew when the baydogs sounds like this - it is his turn.....

We were almost sure the bay dogs got the boar surounded..but when Recado got near the place........what he did in NO seconds..that big boy is fast..- the boar suddenly were in front of the bay dogs again...

Off the boar went in FULL speed, with the curs and Recardo in its tail...!!!

NOW THAT GOT OUR ADRENALIN totally it was really exciting to see what would happen..

We ran back to the 4 wheelers like mad..tried to follow the dogs..almost impossible - the boar ofcourse choosed the most brushy area to run through..

After 15 minutes we finally made it there - on the way there we were excited talking about Recado, was he there with them ??..

It was a male boar, good size..the baydogs had him almost surounded - we could not first see Recado, me and Dylan - Marvins son, got nearer...

Marvin fighted himself through the torns.".I can not get in" he said to Marty, who was behind him..and Marty just pushed Marvin through the torns..what a sight ...

And just then we saw Recado come running through the bushes with full speed towards the boar..HOLY; WHAT A SIGHT !!!...he hitted the boar in his nose..the boar bounced back from the hard hit - 3 meters..NOW I understand what Marvin means with "the train" - he is a tough boar catching was marvellous to see..

The boar was totally locked - the curdogs were standing around him - looked very satisfied.....

Marvin took the hindlegs of the boar..Gave the knife to Peter..and after one stack he pumped blood out 3 times - and then dead..perfect.

What a moment...we were so proud beeing there in such a moment..almost impossible to emotionally..

This was perfect to us, and we decided to stop and hit for home..perfect ending of a great hunt with 3 boars catched.

We loaded the boar - and decided to get him mounted, his tusks were not the longest, but sharp as razors - he would be a perfect memory from our trip on our wall.

We are very thankful to Marvin Garrett for taking so well care of the dogs and us. We have no words, you are the kindest and most warm freind we could wish for. Thank you and your family for hosting us and giving us the trip of our lifes.

Thanks also to your father for a wunderful stay at his house - and also thanks for the whitetail-throphy.

Beeing able to see the dogs we breeded perform what they are born to do, is the most spectacular experience we ever had..

Winning a dog show is nice !!!..but hunting with a showwinner is even better : ))

Thank you - Marvin.

Marty Capers - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH - for letting us hunt with the dogos at your property.

You are truly a professional, your expereince and way of beeing - makes this expereince just totally in top. You are a very kind and great person to be with.

Your wunderful family and their big hospitality - made this weekend a dream comming true for us.

We can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR HUNTING FARM to all hunters all over the world.

The enviroment is the most beautiful scenery.

The dogs that Marty has - is just a proof of his expereince. We are amazed to see how they perform.


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