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Hunting with my Sons 02-07-2006

Daniel, Dillion, and I went on another little hunting trip.  We dropped the dogs out and they went all different directions. After about 30 minutes we heard a small pig grunting while running through the woods. We turned our Dogo Lacy Loose and as soon as we did we heard a squeal before Lacy got there. 

Lacy didn't come back. I guess she smelled hog and went after her own. We started to go to it then it quit. So we broke out the old trusty tracking system and Sadie and Uno were way off , about a mile. We headed that way and listened a couple times and got a little closer when we found Sadie running up the road so we loaded her back on the four wheeler and went on to track Uno. 

We got within hearing range and turned Sadie back loose to go to Uno. after about 15 minutes they were bayed solid for just a minute and then we didn't hear Uno anymore. So Daniel and I started walking in to the bay where Sadie was hammering. Dillion stayed at the four wheeler to bring it in later to keep from scaring the hog. We got to the bay and could see a nice boar about 200 lbs. He was not scared of anything. He would just walk around like nothing was going on.

 Uno was nowhere to be seen and neither was our catch dog Lacy. So Daniel just stood back wondering what to do since I didn't have a knife or gun or anything, just a tie rope. After about 20 minutes of watching Sadie bay this Boar I hollered at Dillion and told him to bring the four-wheeler. 

Just as Dillion was pulling up  we saw Uno come flying in to help Sadie. Just as Uno started to try and fight the Boar, Lacy came in and the fight was on. I don't know where she came from but was glad to see her. She caught the Boar and Uno and Sadie piled on to help. I then Legged the Hog, got it flipped and tied. Checked the dogs and Lacy was cut two places on her back leg and one on her tail. I don't know how that happened because as soon as she caught the hog I legged it and flipped it. Brought it out alive and got a few pictures. This was another fun hunt and the only help I had was my two sons Daniel and Dillion. Here's a few pictures Dillion took for us so he's not in the photo.