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04-21-08 Hunt W/ Pictures

I woke up this morning and after getting the kids off to school I decided to make a hunt. I took 4 cur dogs , Sadie, Uno, Luke, and Lilly. And one catch dog Recado. Got to the hunting location and loaded all 5 dogs on the 4 wheeleer and started riding. I thought i would keep the dogs on the rack untill i saw some fresh sign. Rode for about 10 minutes and saw some old sign that looked to be a couple weeks old so I turned everything loose except Sadie, and Recado. I was trying to keep one fresh dog in case something happened and I needed one. Rode for about 5 more minutes and the sign got really fresh so I turned Sadie loose. No sooner than turning her loose I heard Uno start barking and he was bayed solid. The rest of the curs were there in just a few seconds hammering away. I kicked Recado loose from about 200 yards and it wasnt but just a few seconds the pig started grunting at first then squelling. I knew Recado was there and sealed the deal. Got to them and took a couple action shots then stuck it. Before I stuck it Recado had its nose broken completely into. CRUSHED . Its amazing to me the bite force this dogs has. He normally catches on the ear but this time for what ever reason he caught the nose. Unloaded and loaded back up in less than an hour. Went to my dads house and cleaned it for him to take to my aunt and uncles house for a BBQ down in Houston.


The pack working him over.

Uno hunting his butt off

A little swamp land

Loaded back up and headed out.Carrying a Load, Man i LOVE my 4 wheeler.

The Boars Nose .

Me and the Hog