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02-26 & 27-2011 Hunt with Marty C.

I got invited to go on a hunt with my good friend Marty Capers and his wife Nicole down on the Tensas river. So I loaded up and we meet up in Delhi Louisiana and I followed Them in to the camp where we would be staying.  Got there and unloaded the dogs and fired up the grill. We cooked some good ol Deer burgers that Marty brought and sat around the pot belly stove and shot the bull . We called it a night about midnight and got up at daylight. We arrived at the land owners property and after a meet and greet we headed out.  The first track we came across was a BIG Ol Bear track. We also saw some fresh hog tracks so we dropped the dogs and Martys dog Star struck .  She ran it for about a mile and we caught up with her and put my dog boots down with her. They continued to roll and  after another couple of miles we tried to head them off. We caught Star but Boots got across the river and kept on rolling. Lost him on the GPS at 1.5 miles.  After finding our way around to where we lost him at we never picked him back up .  So we went back and rode around for a couple hours trying to find him. We decided to drop the dogs again and maybe he would hear them and come back.  We put another buddy of ours dogs down and they struck and bayed . Turned De'Angelo to em and he sealed the deal.  Got that hog caught and tied and loadedup.  We went back to the camp and ate lunch and went back at it after we got our bellys full.  A man called my cell phone and told us that he had boots. I let the land owner talk to him as he knew where the man was at. The land owner said that he was about 12 miles through the woods.  He left to go get boots and we continued hunting.  After hunting for a little while we caught another decent sow  and a shoat .  We got back to the camp and one of the guys brought some frog legs and we fried them up and JUMPED right on em. Man were they good.  Sat around and BS'ed untill about midnight. Turned in and got back up at Daylight .  Turned Martys dogs, Star and River, loose and it wasnt but just a few minutes they had one going. Turned Boots to em and they got it stopped and caught without a catchdog. It was a nice sow about 200 lbs.  wound up catching 4 little pigs . Hunted hard for the rest of the day and finally got another shoat about 80lbs. Star and River rolled out and was gone. We tried to catch up with them to relay some fresh dogs on the hog. we saw the hog cross the road and dropped some fresh dogs on it. After a little while all the dogs fell out of the race but ol River was hanging tough. It was getting dark and we sent some of the group back to the camp to get some flashlights.  When they got back River was 1.5 miles away. While going to him it showed him bayed.  We stopped about four hundred yards away and Marty took De'Angelo and a couple guys with him While I sat at the four wheelers with the rest of the group.  Marty turned De'Angelo loose from about 150 yards and it wasnt long untill the deal was sealed.  All i all it was a GREAT hunt with 4 decent hogs and 6 shoats .  It was a GREAT weekend in the woods .  Being in these big woods witht the giant palmettos and huge cypress trees was sereal .  When I saw this huge cypress tree I was in AWE .  Not many places like this left in the United States.  Thanks Marty for the Hospitality and a GREAT weekend in the woods.

This is River, owned by Marty, He is totally silent and TONS of bottom. He can mo natrually get down. Bad to the bone.