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Hunting Stories
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02-12-11 Hunt with LaDogos

5th trip to Louisiana with Marvin and he finally took me to his "honey hole" We dropped our two gyps Lilly and Bella about 10am. 20 minutes later dogs struck. They went about 600 yards before they got it shut down. Cut D'Angelo, Brica, and Luca about 200 yards out. When we got to them they were caught under an old cotton bin. It was a good russian sow. Got her drug out so my wife could stick her first hog. Took a couple of pics and put the girls up and dropped Boots and Copper. About 30 minutes later Boots struck in the tall grass. We let D'Angelo and Brica loose about 100 yards out. Before they got there the bay broke. Hog ran out of the brush and smacked into me. The hog ran down the bank of the bayou and hit the water. All of the dogs followed it across the bayou. We thought it was gonna go up the bank but instead it turned around ready to fight. D'Angelo caught the pig and drug it back into the water. All the dogs were caught so I had no choice but to cross the freezing, chest deep water, to stick it. It took all three of us and the Rhino to get the hog out of the water. As soon as we got the big sow out of the water Boots and Coal rolled out and were bayed about a mile and a half out. We got there and cut the rest of the dogs loose. We walked the catch dogs in about 600 yards. We had multiple bayes going. We saw two dogs pop out about about 400 yards away in a clearing. About that time we saw a hog coming straight towards us out of the weeds.  Marvin and Lyndsay cut D'Angelo and Luca and they met him head on. Got that hog stuck . The garmin showed Boots out 2.5 miles. Got all the dogs loaded up and went to retreive boots. Great Day Hunting!

D'Angelo, Brica, and Luca

Luca - 7 month old puppy

D'Angelo, Brica, and Luca caught

Me, Lyndsay, Luca and Bella with 1st sow

Me across the bayou with D'Angelo, Brica, Boots, Copper, and Cole - 2nd Sow

Me and Marvin on 3rd sow with D'Angelo, Brica, and Luca

Me , Lyndsay, and Marvin with Russian Sow

Me, Lyndsay , and Marvin - Good Day of Hunting

Lilly and Bella - Mother and Daughter