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Got to go South 02-04-11

 I got invited by a couple of friends of mine, Thre and Herchiel,  to come down and hunt with them. Another friend of ours from Ohio, Beau, was coming down also. So after driving thru the snow and icy roads and it taking me 6 hours to make a 4 hour trip  I finally made it .  After some fellowshipping and of course BSing Herchiel made one heck of a gumbo and we stuffed our bellys full.  Got up at 5 am and got started shortly after daylight.  Wound up catching 5 on Saturday. Then we done it again Sunday and caught 6 more. The dogs done good and we got a newbie to stick his first hog. None of them were wall hangers but were decent. We didnt have time to take very many pictures but did manage to get a few.