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01-15 and 01-29 2011 Hunts

Went hunting back on the 15th, it was cold and wet . After raoding the dogs for a little while they finally struck and rolled out about a half mile then showed bayed in the water.  I headed to em and when I got there I heard one grunting and heard some of the dogs about 500 yards on up stream.  I knew I didnt waant to get wet and thought it was a good boar by the grunting going on . I found a place to cross the creek with De'Angelo in tow and go to the other side where the cur dogs were caught. When I got to where I could see them it was a double. The curs had two catches about 20 yards apart. It was 2 little boars about 75-80 lbs each .  So I hooked De'Angelo to a tree and jumped down and stuck em both. The best part about it was i didnt even get wet.  Got the pigs out and gutted em and brought em home and put one in the cooker and took it and feed the guys and gals at work.  And I gave the other to a needy family .  Grin

Went hunting again yesterday by myself and hunted for a while rotating dogs out and after about 3 hours Boots, Coal, and Tip struck and ran about 900 yards and bayed up.  I road to about 300 yards and they were hammering so I sent De,Angelo in .  I took off too em and it was a nice little russsian boar .  I got him stuck and took a couple of quick pictures, then checked the dogs out. Boots had a little poke under his jaw but nothing bad . All the other dogs were good. So I loaded him up and headed in . 

When I got home my Grandson wanted me to take his picture with De,Angelo .