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01-01-11 Hunt with Herchiel

Herchiel and his son Duke came up and made a hunt with me and brought his dogs.  He's been working a lot and hasnt gotten to hunt much so I told him we would hunt his dogs first .  After eating our New years day meal we loaded up and headed out . Got to where we were gonna hunt and Herchiel put his Bo and Hank dogs down along with 2 young dogs.  Bo and Hank disappeared .  After about 5 minutes we look at the garmin and it shows the 2 young dogs south and headed back to us and Bo and Hank went north and was rolling out 900 yards away.  After catching the young dogs up we start tracking to Bo and Hank and cantseem to gain any on em . They crossed the bayou and was a little over a mile from us and both showed to be bayed. So we road as close to em as we could which was only 750 yards away and on the other side of the bayou. So guess what its time to get wet and it was 26 degrees .  But we couldnt leave em so we walk in.  Got to 100 yards from em and cut the Herchiels dogos loose. They hit and seal the deal. Were get in a NASTY gut briar thicket and had to crawl in the last 50 yards or so on our hands and knees. We finally get the hog legged and Duke was there with a swift hand and made a good stick.  It was a good sow about 230 lbs or so. She never squealed, grunted or made a sound. Got the dogs all leashed up and headed back to the bikes. When I went to crossing the bayou the dang Dogo that I was leading knocks me down and i fell face first in the water. Now im soaked from head to toe. And it was COLD .  Went and made another round and after about 2 1/2 hour run finally cut the dogs off and pack it in.  Got in bed at 3 am .  I tell you I was impressed with Bo and Hank but I was more impressed with Herchiels son Duke. He is 12 years old and made every step we made got wet and cold , helped lead the dogs out in the briars and never complained. A real pleasure to be around .