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12-25-10 Christmas Hunt

I had a great Christmas weekend with ALL of the family and not to meantion the food. After having a BIG christmas dinner got the hankeren to let my dogs have a little fun on Christmas also.  I had talked to a property owner last week and after checking a couple referances from some of the owners i hunt for now, and checking with the surrounding land owners, he gave me the green light and said get em off his place .  So I loaded up and took the dogs out.  It didnt take long and I had one going .  I had Lilly my 4 year old YBMC gyp on the ground with some young dogs. All around 18 months old.  They left out and ran for about an hour and a half and the young dogs slowly started coming back in .  Lilly was hanging with it pretty good .  When i heard her barking I turned a couple fresh dogs to her along with the young dogs that came back in .  When they got to Lilly they all joined in and ran him for about another 30 minutes or so and then they all fell bayed and started making that sweet music we all love to hear.  They were 650 yards out.  I headed to em with DeAngelo and got to 100 yards and stopped. It was all silent and I thought dangit they lost him. Then I heard him  grunting so i sent DeAngelo to em to back em up. I wasnt but just a few seconds and the squealing started so I knew Big D was latched on.  I got in and took a few quick action shots and stuck him.  It was a decent little boar about 115 lbs .  Caught all the dogs up and headed over to another little section.   Rode for about 20-30 minutes and Boots rolled out 750 yards and started baying. All the other dogs went to him and it broke and was running directly towards me. I turned DeAngelo loose and the hog went down in a ditch about 40 yards from me and Big D put the smack down on him.  It was a nice boar hog 220 lbs . I jumped down in the ditch and stuck him and then took a couple quick action shots.  DeAngelo got a little cut in the leg hole of his vest but nothing major .  It was a good Christmas night and the dogs were happy to get some Christmas Pork.  It was 34 degrees so i gutted the small hog out and we put him in my Dads smoke house the next morning.

First Hog

Second Hog

Putting the hog in the smoke house