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12-10-10 Tournament Hunt

Well I got a call from buddy of mine Mason House ( Dig-Em-Down ) to come over and hunt in a little smal tournament.  It was a catch and tie 24 hour deal and all the hogs had to be caught with dogs and brought to the weigh  in Alive.  Why he invited me and my ol junky dog to be on his team i dont know. Still trying to figure that part out.  Anyway on our team was Mason House, Clint  AKA Honey Bunny , Chad White, and Myself.    I met up with them at Masons house and we all went to the sign in.  Turned out to be 5 teams show up .  After meeting some good folks and BS'ing for a little while we all set off to try and catch some pigs.  We hunted the first 3 places and couldn't find a hog. Finally the 4th place Mason and Clint walked the dogs into the woods. Chad and I stayed at the wheelers with the Catch dogs DE'Angeloand Masons Red Leapord, Red Man. The dogs struck some hogs and in just a few minutes they were bayed. Mason Hollered  " turn the catch dogs loose there bayed ". Chad and I looked at the Garmin and they were 750 yards away hammering.  So we turned them loose cause Mason said so. LOL .  After a good little jog we got the first one caught and tied. It was a Sow 145 lbs. Clint and I was walking back to the truck to get some rope so we could drag the hog out. While walking back the curs struck again and had another bay going. So we turned  DeAngelo and Red Man loose and in short order another caught hog . A Decent boar 195 lbs. By the time we got them drug out and loaded up in the truck it was getting late about 2 am. So we headed back to Masons house and got in the bed at 3 am and back up at 5:30 am. Headed back out and met up with the land owner.  Dogs hunted good and after checking a couple places Clints dog, Cob, struck and had one bayed . Turned DeAngelo and Red Man to em and Sealed the deal. A nice sow 215 lbs. We took this hog back to the trailer and the land owner took us to another place.  Ol Cob struck again and rolled out . After crossing the county road it showed him to be bayed at 1 mile. We had to go all the way back out, around and down the county road. We got to 550 yards and had to walk the rest of the way in. We turned Red Man and DeAngelo to him and caught hog. BUT just as we got there we saw it was a really big hog. And she went under some bodark trees and ripped loose from the catchdogs. and the race was on again. They only went about 100 yards and Sealed the deal .  I was coaching my three team members to hurry up and get to embefore she broke loose again.  LOL.  We got her flipped and hobbled.  And then the work began. we had to drag her out and she was heavy.  We hunted a couple more places and didnt get on anything else so we headed to the Weigh In.   Met up with all the other teams and ran all the hogs through the scales.  Rickys team came in first I dont remember the exact numbers but they weighed in a little over 1000 lbs of live hogs. Our team came in second weighing in a little over 700 lbs. And had the biggest hog weighing in at 300 lbs.  Total hogs weighed in was a little over 3000 lbs. I didn't get many pictures as we were busy trying to get the hogs tied and back on there feet so we were in a bit of a hurry.  I had a really good time and got to meet some good folks and put some faces with some names from this board.  I would like to thank Mason and his wife for such fine hospitality and inviting me to hunt with him .   It was a good bunch of folks at the weigh in and a good time. Even though I was pretty done after all that hunting.  

Honey Bunny, Me, Mason House, Chad White

Honey Bunny, Me, Land Owner, Chad

 First Three Hogs

Big Sow

She even had toffies

Me and Big D waiting on the youngsters to catch up to me and the dogs. LOL