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11-27-10 Nice Little Russian Boar

Well ive been on vacation and decided that I better make one more round before having to go back to work on Monday.  So I loaded up the dogs and headed out " ALONE AGAIN "  .  I got to where I was gonna hunt and the temp dropped more than I thought it was and it got about 34 degrees.  I dropped three curs and one of my female dogos, Jane, on the ground. The hogs have been running so bad I thought i would try to shut em down by having one Dogo on the ground and one on my Rhino for backup.  As soon as i dropped em on the ground they all headed out full blast. I didnt have enough garmin collars so I had one of my old telematry collars on Jane. I heard them bark a couple of times so I checked the garmin and they were 700 yards and moving.  After they ran for a while I decided to send some fresh dogs to em so I sent in 3 more curs.  Like a jet plane they got to the rest and continued the race.  Then they headed West and crossed the blacktop road.  I lost signal with them at 1.2 miles so I drove around to where they crossed at and they were already another 600 yards . The garmin showed all of them to be bayed so I figured Jane must have been caught.  I called the land owner and got permission to go to em .  I drove to 200 yards and sent in my male Dogo, DeAngelo.  I went in as soon as he got there and I heard him hit and catch.  No squealing or grunting so I figured it to be a decent boar. When I get to em Jane is no where to be seen .  I snapped a few action shots and then stuck him. The curs rolled out before i could catch them up and was off to the races again.  I got the boar hooked to my Rhino and drug him out .  After about an hour race the dogs started coming back in and I was loading them up in a hury to try and go find Jane.  After getting all the curs back Jane comes walking up to me .  As she get closer I see she is all cut up.  She had split off from the rest of the dogs and found he own hog and I wasn't there to help her. Man I hate it when that happens. I would have loved to see the hog she was one. Good thing about is she is gonna be ok .

Heres a few pictures of the Boar we did catch .