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10-11-10 Hunt, and A good TRACK

Ive been on vacation for the past two weeks and been hunting quit a bit.  I go back to work tomorrow and thought I would make one more round before going back to work.  I took all young dogs 15 months and under except for one older dog and he is only 2 1/2 ( Boots ) .  I made my first round and two of my young ens struck and barked a couple barks and then they were off to the races. After about 30 - 45 minutes they either lost it or got smoked . Whatever happened i thought they done pretty good considering the conditions.  I made my way to the next patch and was easing along side of the slough . All the dogs crossed over to the other side and all the young dogs went north and Boots went south.  Boots got 350 yards and fell bayed and it wasnt long before all the young ens honored his cry and joined in. I was hunting alone so I only took one catch dogo ( Jane )  . I drove down to 125 yards but was still on the opposite sid eof the slough . When I stopped the Rhino I could hear that sweet sound of dogs baying and also could hear hogs gruntting and chattering.  I quickly grabbed Jane and found a shallow place to cross the slough which was about knee deep .  Got to about 50 yards and thought about turnning my video phone on.  It was in the CRP with tall Tie Vines and NO TREES.  I cut Jane loose and started videoing.  You could hear the hogs cutting up and then Jane hits and vines and weeds start shaking everywhere. Then I hear a hog gruntting and coming in  behind me.  That was a pretty hair raising experiance .  I got to them and Stuck the hog.  The dogs rolled out and went another 300 yards then would bay and break bay and break.  After about 2 hours of that they all came dragging back in .All in all i was pretty proud of my Young ens .  I went back and crossed the slough to get the Rhino so I could retrieve my hog. When I got to the slough the dogs got in to cool off. While i was looking at all of the hog sign I noticed this track . I know what I  " Think " it is but maybe some of you all can tell me if im right or not.  Man Ive been in this slough at least 2 dozen times ALONE and at NIGHT . I might better have second thoughts on getting down in there again ? ? ? 

Jane, Boots and the hog.

The Slough .  Look at ALL that hog sign .

Dogs cooling off in the slough.

What kind of critter made this mud slide ?    The picture doesnt show it but It is about 9 inches wide and about 10 feet long, down into the water.

The track beside the mud slide.  Look in the center of the picture .

Aint no track gonna stop me. Im gonna keep getting after em . 

What do ya'll think ? ?