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The one that Killed Uno, ( Mounted ) Pics.

 Last year I had a hog to kill one of my cur dogs ( Uno ) and cut up the other 3 curs and both Dogos. 6 dogs total and all 6 were cut up.  Uno didnt make it but we got the hog.  I sent him down to my friends Thre and Diana with T&D taxidermay to get him mounted. I decided we wanted something unusaul and uniqe . So we came up with a half body mount with a left turn and a slight twist upward like he was hooking a dog.  Thre and Diana done an outstanding job on the hog after many hours of cutting, skulpting, building up and pieciing it back together. They got him all put back together and finished up.  We had a get together here at my place and planed a weekend of hog hunting and Thre and Diana even delivered my hog mount.  Got him hung on the wall in the den and let me tell ya,  he is impressive and the art work on him brought him to life.  Of course im more impressed than my wife is . 

A BIG THANK YOU to Thre' and Diana .