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Garmin Hand Held ( Pics Added ) 08-07-10

 I was hunting the other day and caught a hog in the Bayou . After wadding in about chest deep and catching the pig i got back up on the bank and the curs were rolled out. I reached for my Garmin Hand Held unit and i guess i forgot to zip the pouch shut on my belt. Well I lost it in the Bayou.  SO now i am in the market for another handheld unit if anyone of yall have one that you want to get rid of let me know.  I NEED one BAD .

No  I didnt loose my camera , YET ! !  even though I have dropped a few , or gotten them wet and broken them. I had it with me on this hunt and did try and take a few pictures but was by myself standing in chest deep water right at the break of day and they didnt turn out very good. Trying to leg the hog, watch for Gators, and take pictures all at the same time.  LOL But heres a few for ya anyway .  Oh and not to meantion that I didnt think about it or even realize it untill the excitement was over with that I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and those darn Cat Tails will cut the crap out of ya.