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06-18-10 Boar

Went hunting again last night despite the heat. It was 85 when I turned out at 11:00 pm.  Jumped some hogs in the stinking CRP and ran them for a couple hours but couldn't seem to get them shut down.  After all the dogs finally came back in we rode around for a little while longer and didn't  jump any for a couple more hours. Then finally all the dogs rolled out and started baying about 300 yards out so I cut PPC DeAngelo to em and right before he got there it broke. I was thinking oh crap now my Dogo is gonna be gone with the cur dogs.  Luckily I was running my L3 outdoors Chestplate and collar , so hopefully he wouldn't overheat. Well they got him shut down again about another 300 yards and had him caught. Took us just a few minutes to get to them and they were caught in a ditch. I jumped in and stuck the Boar and checked the dogs. DeAngelo had 7 cuts/pokes but none were to serious. Two of my curs , Boots, and Copper had a few cuts too but nothing serious.  The Chest plate/collar had a cupple cuts on it but none that went completly through. One was right on the cut collar and if he didn't have it on then it would have probably  got his juglar vien.   Heres a few pictures.