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12-13-08 Hunt, Russian Runner

Well since I have to go back to work on Monday I figured I would try and make one more round today. My youngest son Dillion and I went out by ourselves. Started hunting around 9:00 am hunted all day long and the Sadie jump some and ran em a while but none ever stopped. Swapped out dogs and put Uno and Boots and Luke on the ground and rode all evening and still no hogs. I told Dillion we had one more place to ride by and check and then we would have to head home because I didn't bring a light and really didn't plan on staying so long. Well we were ridding along and Boots my 11 month old took off wnd Uno went right behind him. We heard Boots bark about 3 barks and then Luke went to em. Then about that time it got quit. Dillion said he heard a hog grunt but I didn't hear anything. Then I could hear A dog wimpering on track a little but it had crossed the slough. We rode our 4 wheelers around to a point we could cross and then stopped and listened. We heard the luke wimmpering still but farther across an open field. So we took of pretty fast and looked across the field and we see a big hog with all three curs on him. We hauled butt across the field and when we got there It was three generations of cur dogs on him. Uno was on one ear, Boots was on the other ear and Luke was bitting the rear making the hog do the sit and spin. Uno is the grand father , Luke is the son and Boots is the grandson. Dillion jumped off of his four wheeler and legged the hog and started pulling his knife out and I said Hold him son were gonna bring this one out alive. This hog tried to do the tipical " Russian Run " and get away but when he hit that open field thats where he made his mistake. Dillion then flipped it and I snapped a quick picture with my cell phone and then helped him hold it down. Then Dillion pulled all the dogs off and I hobbled him up. Dillion then took a couple of pictures with his cell phone then we headed out. We ran off and forgot the camera so when we got home a little after dark and unloaded the hog and Melinda took a couple of pictures for us. He looks to weigh around 200 lbs .

Dillion Flipping it. A little backwards but still got the job done. And for 16 years old i was pretty proud of him.

Me putting the Hobbles on him.

Dillion and Uno on left, Me and Boots on right

The hog stood up with the hobbles on him. I had him by the tail . LOL

Its was a fun hunt with my son and watching the curs get the job done. I was pretty proud of my 11 month old pu , Boots, he's showing a LOT of promise.