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12-12-09 and 12-13-09 Hunts

Marty and his wife, Nichole, came back over to do some hunting. We had planned a hunt with " JHY " Joey for Saturday but it rained all day and part of the night. Joey changed his mind and isn't as hard core as he use to be :o and he didn't want to get wet. So We decided to go anyway since Marty had driven over. We dropped the tailgate and hunted for a little while and the curs struck something and went about 700 yards and ran for a little while. Finally Lilly bayed up and the other curs joined in. It was a good solid bay. We looked on the GPS and they were across the Bayou and it was FULL of water . We rode the four wheelers all the way back out to the main road and back around 2.5 miles back to em. We stopped at 300 yards out to try and keep from breaking the bay. We dropped the catch dogs , De'Angelo and Martys little Pit Blaze and they rocketed to em. Watched on the GPs and when they got there and caught we drove in. When we got to em it was a big ol nasty boar about 265-275 lbs and they were down in a deep wash out about 20 feet straight down. We slid down to em and I legged it and we decided to go ahead and stick it since it was no way for us to get it out of there. I took a couple of quick shots right after Marty stuck it . The curs rolled out and struck some more hog so we left it there and headed to the other bay. We stopped at about 300 yards out again and turned De'Angelo and Blaze to em. Waited untill it showed them caught on the gps and we rode up to em. It was another nice boar about 185-200 lbs . We tied him alive and loaded him up in the Rhino . The curs rolled out aagian and ran for a while and the we heard a baby pig squeal for just a minute and then stopped. Went to it and it they had it killed. Finally got all the curs back after about another 1 1/2 hours or so . We decided to go back to the first hog since we didn't get any good pictures of it and take some pictures. When we tried to roll it over on its belly he was stiff as a board . SOOOOO We propped him up and took a few " FUN " pictures since he looked alive . ;D Marty got him by the ears and made it look as thought the hog was about to cut his leg and i grabbed him and made a face like I was trying to leg him. LOL Then Marty grabbed him like he had him in the choke hold. . Martys wife, Nichole, took the pictures and we had some good laughs about them. We got home and got the dogs put up and it was getting daylight.
Heres the pictures from the first night of hunting !2-12-09 .

First hog

Second Hog

Third Hog
was a little pig and the curs had it torn up. Not internet appropriate to show.

First hog again After we went back and took some pictures of it Stiff as a board. LOL

!2-13-09 Hunt

We went back hunting again sunday night and went to a different spot. Dropped martys curs down and hunted for about an hour or so and then they struck and left out. We were tracking them at .63 miles away so we started ridding closer. We got about 500 yards from them and we could hear then baying. So we drove up to about 275 yards to tur the catch dog loose and we could hear ther hog gruntting so we knew one of the curs must have been caught. We decided to turn the catch dogs to him anyway for back up . Gave them a few seconds and rode up to them. When we got there it was no catch dogs in sight. So we legged the boar and got it tied. It was about 150 lbs. I looked at my GPS and De'Angelo and the Pit along with three of my pups were 400 yards out and rolling. Martys dog Jack rolled out and went about 200 yards and started baying again. Then we heard him holler and then a LOT of grunting. So we thought he had caught again. When we rode up to him it was a sounder of LARGE hogs all bunched together. We stood there watching them for a few minutes and all of the sudden out of nowhere comes De'Angelo flying in. He nevere stopped or slowed down. Just wide open and hit one of the hogs like a freight train. As soon as he hit the hog ALL the rest of the hog started rallying and was jumping on De'Angelo and knocked him loose . They all took off and scattered like a covey of quail. With De'Angelo in hot pursuit. My young pups and Martys dog was running hogs in all directions. Then just as on came running by us Martys little pit ,Blaze, showed up and got an angle on the hog and catches it. It was a nice little sow about 110 lbs. Just as Marty went to leg it a little stripped pig ran by me and squatted in the bushes so I jumped and grabbed it. De'Angelo was showing to be 350 yards away . We got the hog tied up and when De'Angelo showed back up he had several cuts on his back leg from the rally of hog jumping on him. We took a few pictures and rode around untill we got Martys curs all loaded back up and went to the store and got more gas and coffee. We then went back and swapped out dogs and hunted some more. Jumped some more hogs and ran the piss out of em but didnt get any caught. when we got home it was about 8 am . A long night of hunting but three more hogs caught and a lot of fun and good dog work.
Heres a few pictures of the hogs caught on 12-13-09