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12-11-08 Hunt

Well i figured since I only had a couple of more days left on vacation and it has been raining for the last 3 days I would go and check and see if the hog were moving. My oldest son Daniel meet me and we went to a place I really wasn't expecting to see much sign. Well after ridding around a little while we found some tracks that were made after the rain. All the curs left out and in about 10 minutes started hammering hard. The wind was blowing so hard we couldn't hardly tell how far we were from them. When we got so we could hear them really good I cut Recado loose to em. About that time we heard Sadie baying over in a different direction but all the young curs were still hammering. It wasn't but just a few seconds and we heard Recado Hit. BAM, Caught Hog. It was a boar about 175 lbs . Recado hit him like a freight train Solo. Got to it and dispatched it in short order. Daniel went back to get the fourwheeler and saw a BIG hog run across a little opening and Sadie was hot on its heels . Well after about an hour of tracking to her she finally lost it. Made another round and ended up running a few more but nothing else would stop running except for a shoat the curs caught and killed. So we loaded up and went home and skinned out our pork. It had a really nice mane of 6 inches. It was one of the prettiest colored hogs I have ever caught. The curlly wooly undercoat is a blue color and the long hair is a sand or sage color.