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12-06-08 Hunt, Silverton Tx. Pic Heavy

I got an invitation from Paul ( Silverton Boar Dogs ) to come hunt with him and check out how a dogo pup he got from me was turning out. Adroa ( Recado X Jane ) is now 11 months old and has been actively hunting for the last couple of months and catching really good. Well its deer season here and I didn't have any places to go so I decided to take him up on his Invite. After Oking it with Paul I asked Marty Capers and his wife if they wanted to join us.

As we were arriving near Silverton we started seeing a LOT of Mule deer . So I we were on point looking for game. We saw hogs in several different places while getting nearer to Pauls house so we were real excited. We arrived at around 6:30 pm and after meeting and greeting we unloade dogs and got everything situated. The temp. was extremely cold ( 18 degrees ) so Paul had a nice fire going in the fireplace. We then had a cold beer and started talking about hunting and our stratigy for the night. Marty then broke out a Bottle of 100 proof "Hot Damn" and we started have a few shots to warm us up a bit before going out in the cold. Well one shot turned into two and then three and so on and before we knew it we were kicking our shoes off and the night went by and needless to say we never made that nights hunt. OH But we had some great laughs.

We got up the next morning and after getting our heads right Paul decided we would make a run behind his house in the canyons . We loaded the dogs and went to this beautiful sight.

Paul dropped one of his curs out and off down in the canyon he went. It wasn't but just a few minutes and he opened up. We were standing on top looking down and all of a sudden after Pauls dog started barking we see a BUNCH of small pigs running everywhere.

Then Paul sent another one of his curs out to help the first one and she flew down in there and immediately catches one of the shoats about 20 lbs. So Paul and I climb down in there and get the pig and his dogs and bring them out.

We hunted a little while longer and then decided to go get some lunch. After lunch we go back to pauls place and regroup and get things ready for the night hunt. We left right after dark and went to another spot that was a little ways from the canyons. We put the dogs down and roaded them for a few minutes and then they start baying. We brought Adora, DeAngelo, Both 11 months old, and Recado for backup in case the young ones needed help. We sent Adora and DeAngelo to them and all we heard was bam and then grunting. As we got to them we saw a really big hog and at first thought it was a Boar because it was only grunting. But it started squealing in just a few minutes with the way those to Whites were handling her. Each had a mouth full of ear and were sat down. I legged her and then we stuck her.
DeAngelo on the hogs right ear and Adora on the left ear.

And Heres one to show the size of the hog. We weighed her the next morning and she was 255 lbs.

We then went back to Pauls place and made another hunt behind his house. We decided we didnt need to take Recado because the two young dog done so well. Two of Pauls curs rolled out we could barely hear them . We started heading thatere direction and then my young dog boots and pauls other dog rolled on out to em. We drove around so we could get closer . We could only get about 600 yard from them because of a fence. So we put the dogs across the fence and sent them to em from there. It wasnt but a few seconds later and bam the hog started squelling. When we got there they had the hog ancored down. it was another nice sow but this time only about 165 lbs.
I would hate to be this hog. Look at what a mouthfull these dogs have.

We loaded the dogs up and called it a night.
Got up the next morning and went out again to the canyons with no luck. But we got to see some breath taking sights And enjoyed the companyand fellowshipping and being out in the nature with our dogs. Then we went out again That night to another place and hunted all night and never found where the hogs were. We got up sunday and
Took a few pictures of The Dogos.
The two AWSOME 11 Month old pups that are as good as any i have seen. PPC DeAngelo and Adora De Ladogos

Father and Daughter PPC Recado, right, and Adora De Ladogos, left

Then we drove 9 hours to get back home.

I want to thank Paul and his wife for there invitation and hospitality . They are super nice people to be around and we had a great time and lots of laughs. And this my friends is " WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT "

Heres a few photos of some of the things we saw while there.

Mule Deer in the road

A Porcepine someone killed. I didnt know Texas had them.