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10-19-08 Hunt Nice Boar

I finally got Herciel and his wife and son back up to north Louisiana to meet up at Martys place and do a little hog hunting. But we could not do any hunting on an empty stomach. So Herciel brought up his big black iron pot and cooked us up a wonderfull south Louisiana dish, Jambalya . And boy let me tell you that man knows how to cook ! ! ! It was Delicious ! ! !

After eating untill we couldn't eat any more we loaded up the dogs and headed off hunting. Put the dogs down and hunted for a little while and finally struck a hog. They ran for a little distance and then the curs started baying. They only bayed for about a minute and then It broke before the dogos got to em. They ran the hog for a while and when they started coming back in one of MArtys curs, Lillte Man, had a bad cut on his neck. We hunted for a little while longer and turned up nothing.
Marty and I tried to talk Herciel into staying another night because we were going to hunt again Sunday Night. But he said he had to be at work on MOnday and could not stay.
Sunday was Marty and Nicoles 2 year wedding anniversary so Marty wanted to take Nicole Hog Hunting. We loaded up the dogs and a couple other guys meet up with us and we headed out. Got to the hunting spot and after about 5 minutes Martys dogs jumped some hogs. After a short bay we turned Recado loose and the other guys little pit but the bay broke before the catch dogs got there. I turned my curs out also and we had a couple of different bays going in different directions. After a little while my new dog, Dot, started baying way off. She sounded pretty solid but we didn't have a catch dog with us so we just sat there for a little while and listened waiting for some other dogs to get with her. We then rode to with in about 100 yards from her and a minute later some of the other curs chimed in. We ran up to em and it was a big boar backed up to some brush. After about 5 minutes we heard some brush breaking coming in and the we heard a hit and then gruntting. Ran in and Recado was caught solid. We caught the hog and hobbled it and brought it out alive. He was about 225 lbs and both of his bottom tusk were broken off. It was 2 good nights hunting we just wish Herciel could have stuck around and joined us on Sunday. Marty told Nicole he had a wonderfull Anniversary .

Marty and Nicoles Anniversary Picture. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY