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Hunting Stories:

10-17-09 Honey Hole Boar

We finally got some cooler weather in with some rain on the ground and it made it a perfect day for hunting .  My son, Dillion, wanted to bring one of his friends , Johnathon. It was his first time to get to go hog hunting with dogs.  We headed out about daylight and got to the hunting spot. We hunted for a few hours and made a covered a few miles but didn't get on anything.  We went to my Honey Hole and made a big round around it. We were makeing our last turn and I told the boys that we were gonna go ahead and head back to the truck .  Boots went out and was making a loop and was about 300 yards out and coming back towards us when all of a sudden he fell bayed. All the other dogs went to em and just before they got ther it broke. It ran about 200 yards and was caught by PPC De'Angelo and Brica De Ladogos.  When we got to them it was another nice boar, 245 lbs, with good teeth on both sides. We legged it and was gonna tie it and bring it out alive but Noticed that De'Angelo and Brica were both cut pretty bad.   So we let Johnathon stick his first hog. He was all smiles afterwards.