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Hunting Stories
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Hunting Stories:

10-10-09 Hunt, Boar

We threw my Dad a suprise birthday party for his 69th Birthday and had a lot of friends and relatives in.  Cooked some good old Pork ribs, porkchops, chicken, hamburgers and everthing else you could imagine.  It was nice and cool and I asked my dad if he wanted to go on a little birthday hunt.  My uncle ( 74 ) was in from houston and has never been hog hunting so my dad asked him if he wanted to go . He said sure .  So we loaded up and started hunting a little after dark.  It had been raining for the last 2 days and everything was wet and muddy and full of water.   After about 45 minutes of hunting the dogs struck and ran for about a mile or so and finally bayed in the bayou.  We started going to em and they broke and ran a little more and bayed again in the bayou a little further down.  Got about 200 yards from em and turned the dogos loose. PPC De'Angelo and PPC Daisy .   When we got to em they were in the Bayou . It was a cool 54 degrees and we couldn't see the hog for all the cat tails. So we jumpped in and went up to our belly buttons in water.  Wadded throught the catail untill we could see the white dogs hanging off the ears. I went around to the back side and legged the hog and let my Nephew, Randell, Stick him.  It was also his first hog hunt and stick.  The hog went under and De'Angelo dissappeared with him.  My son, Daniel, started say get him daddy hes gonna drown.  LOL All we could see was his white tail sticking up about 8 inches out of the water.  LOL .  After a minute he let go and popped back up.  We got the wench on the fourwheeler hooked to the hog and drug it to the top of the bank and then checked out the dogs.  Luke was cut really bad on his rib cage so we loaded up the hog and dogs and headed to the truck. I washed Luke up and commence to sewing and stappling .  Got him put back together and we called it a night.  Didnt get any action shots because of the water but got a few of the hog afterwards.  It was a nice older boar that weighed in at 240 lbs.  He had a LOT of cuts and scars on his sided where he had been fighting with another hog. Think i'll go after him next week.  LOL   Grin

Left to right, My son Daniel, nephew Randell, uncle Jake, and my Dad Robert . 

Me and My Nephew Randell with his first hog.

Randell with his hog