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Hunting Stories:

10-02-09 Hunt in TX

Peter with PPC Dogos got the opratunity to come over and bring a couple of pups. While he was in I drove out to Dallas and meet up with him and Vincent( hoghunterdfw ) .  I talked with Kevin earlier in the week and he had us a hunt lined up for early friday morning with John.  We meet up at 5 am friday morning and went to the hunting spot. We got there right before daylight and put a couple dogs on the ground. Sadie struck and after a little while they bayed for just a minute and then caught .  Peter and Kevin were on foot and got there and dispatched the hog . It was a little sow about 80 lbs.

Sadie rolled out and a few minutes later she had another one bayed . Just about the time we got to em it broke and ran for a few more minutes and then bayed it again.  Peter and I went on the fourwheelers and got as close as we could and then walked the rest of the way in. Turned PPC De'angelo and Pirucha De Los Medonos to em and it was a caught hog.  A Nice sow about 200 lbs. Peter legged it and I dispatched it after taking a few quick pictures.

Sadie rolled out again and bayed but the hog kept breaking and wouldn't stop.  After a while of this we loaded up and went to another spot but didnt find anything else.

Saturday Morning we went to the Bass Pro Shop and done a little window shopping. Peter was checking out which ATV he wanted.

We loaded back up saturday evening to go hunting with Vincent, Grant, Mason, D, and a few others but im bad on names .  We got there and just about the time we started hunting it started raining so we had to cut it short.  It rained the rest of the weekend so we didnt get to hunt Sunday morning. 

I would Like to Thank Vincent for putting us up at his Parents place and taking us out and meeting a bunch of new friends.
Also would like to thank Kevin for taking us hunting and meeting John .   I also want to thank Mason and all the guys for arranging and taking us hunting.  I had a good time as Always.  Any of you guys ever want to come over my way and hunt just let me know and come on. Im always ready.