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Hunting Stories:

09-25-09 Hunt Nice Boar

Me and Fat Cat went hunting last night. Got to the hunting place and roade the four wheelers for a while . I was swapping the curs out putting 2 at the time on the ground .  We rode for 5 miles and before the curs, Boots and Lilly, struck. I had just told Fat Cat that i wasn't seeing much sign when they opened up. The hog broke and ran just out of sight but right in fron tof us. As it went by we could hear the dogs fighting with him and they got him stopped about 100 yards from us. As sone as they started baying I kicked PPC De'Angelo off the four wheeler and it wasn't long the barking changed a bit. We didn't hear any squealing or grunting so I knew it must have been a good one. When we got to him I saw it was a really nice and strong boar. I legged it and then Fat Cat got there and took the legs and I stuck him.  Got him back to the barn and put him some cotton scales and he weighed 275 lbs.  One side of his teeth was broken off just barley above the gum line and the other side was about 2 inches long but broken off and not pointed.  Took him home and after daylight i took him to my dads house and weighed him and he was 275 on the cabellas scales . I wasn't quit sure about those old cotton scales .  LOL .  Oh and the Mosquitos were really bad .