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09-21-08 All Day Long Hunt

I had a couple of guys from Ecuador , that lives in Dalls now, thats called a few times wanting to go hunting and see how we hog hunt as they have never been hog hunting before. So i lined it up and had to go and get a couple of my good friend, Marty Capers dogs, because mine are all banged up and stove up from hunting them so much lately. I picked up Star, Jake, and Rebel. Star is a littermate to my Sadie. I also called a buddy of mine and asked him if he wanted to go and he said sure. He brought a couple of curs and his little pit of about 35 lbs maximum not and ounce bigger. We arrived at the hunting location at daylight and dropped the tailgate. The dogs struck in about 5 minutes and ran hogs for just about all of the morning long. We never got them shut down. We finally got all the dogs back and decided we would give them a break and we would go eat lunch. After we finished lunch we headed back to another location and after a little while of hunting we struck hogs again. We saw little pigs about 40lbs running everywhere. The dogs left out and wnt about a mile across the way. When we got back close to em we would here them bay and then break, bay and then break, this continued on for about an hour. Finally all of the dogs started coming back except for my Sadie and Marty Capers' Star and Jack.
We were all pretty tired and about ready to go and we then hear them just lay down and start baying a good ways off. We start walking/running to them and i thought i was gonna be slick and make a B line streight to them. Lane and Daniel went around the thicket and was running with his little pit. Well as luck would have it Lane got to em first and turne his little pit loose and caught the hog and had it flipped by the time we got there with the dogos. His pit done a good job catching this hog. It weighed about 225 lbs . Star, Jack, and Sadie were the Star cur dogs and Lanes little pit was the star catch dog. She broke part of her bottom jaw and k-9 but didnt let go or let her grip slip. I was impressed with her. Heres a few pictures.

If you look close you can see her left bottom tooth hanging out.