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09-15-08 Hunt

Went to my honey hole this morning and had a friend of mine, Roger, and a couple of his dogs with with me and my pack. Hunted for a couple of hours and finally stuck in the hogs. one of rogers dogs and my 9 month old puppy went one one hog and Sadie and a couple of other dogs went on some other hogs. Rogers dog and my pup Boots were bayed pretty solid so we went to them. We got pretty close and turned PPC Uniqo loose and just as his feet hit the ground the curs caught and Uniqo went in and sealed the deal. Roger legged, flipped, and stuck the hog as I had just pulled a muscle in my back and was not much help. It was a nice sow of about 150 lbs. Nice cool morning and a good hunt except for my Back. Now i cant hardly move.

Roger holding the pig.

A close up of Rogers dog on the nose and Uniqo on the ear.

The sow on the four wheeler