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Hunting Stories
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08-16-08 Pulled another one out


My son and my nephews were bugging me to go hunting since they had an off day from work. First one they have had off in a Month. So we headed out bright and early got to the hunting spot right before daybreak. Unloaded the dogs and hunted for a while and finally struck some hogs. Ran them for a while and finally got all the dogs back. Hunted for a while longer and around 11:30 Uno started baying out in the tall johnson grass. no sooner than i unsnapped Recado we heard a fight and guess what , Bay broke. The hog ran right to us and stopped in a ditch. Nice russian hog looked to be around 200 lbs. were standing there and no catch dog. he went the way the dogs had been barking. in just about 10 seconds the curs catch up to the hog and Uno tries to catch and the hog meet him half way and turned him a flip in mid air. the hog broke again and left for the next county. After getting the dog back we rested the dogs while we left and got some lunch. Came back and made another round or two. DAniel and Curtis was walking with the dogs in the dranage ditch. At around 3:30 Sadie strikes a bay and just after about 2 barks the rest of the curs joined in. We had one dogo ( Jane ) on the ground and she went in and caught immediately. I was about 500 yards accross the corn field with Recado . As soon as i heard them bark i cut Recado loose. When Jane caught Daniel was right there and just as he went to leg the hog Recado came in like a Freight train and caught the other ear. Daniel got the hog legged and Curtis stuck it. Just as Me and my other Nephew got there Daniel was leting go of the hog and it fell over. We missed all of the action. LOL Man it really pays to have a running on the ground catch dog with these running a$$ Russian hogs.


Lots of BIG hog tracks in this place.

Left to right. Jane, Recado, Lilly, Uno ( on top ), and Boots on bottom 8 Months old.

Boots took a cut under his shoulder.

Curtis, Ryan, Daniel, Recado

Just a funny picture

Young hog not much for teeth but boots thinks they were pretty sharp.

Sadie found the hog, Jane caught it and Recado backed her up.

195 lbs on the scales .