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08-11-08 Hunt

I planned on getting up early and making a quick round this morning. Got up at 5 am and it was raining. I didnt feel like getting wet so i got back in bed. Around 10:00 it quit raining and i couldn't stand it. Looked at the live radar and rain was all around but looked like i had a break. Loaded up the dogs and headed out. I put just one dog " Uno " on the ground as i wasnt seeing any fresh sign. Or at least what i seen had all been rained in. After about 30 minutes Uno started baying a good ways off so i kicked the other curs to him. Just about the time they get there they break and run completelt out of hearing. I start going the way they went and could catch up to hear them again. so i stop and wait thinking well maybe it was a deer. So i start hooping and hollering them back and no luck. I decide to go to the truck because i forgot my tracking system. I stopped about half way there and listened. In the faint distant I think my ears are playing tricks on meand think I hear dogs barking. I head that way and sure nuff. They are baying there A$$e$ off. Went close as I could on the four wheeler and got hung up in vines. I was about 300 yars away and kicked Recado off and he left like a bullett. I was in slow hot pursuit behind him. LOL. It wasn't but a minute and i hear grunting and a little squelling. I knew Recado had arrived. When I got there it was a nice young russian boar. I would have Loved to tied it up and brought it out alive but it was impossable because I was huntting by myself. Sadie rolled back out and i loaded up the hog. It started pooring down rain again and i couldn't track sadie so I left her went home and cleaned the hog and then went back later and found her.

James these are Cypress knees

They grow upward from the ground

A little training for De'Angelo

I had to break him off. He didnt want to let go

Nice Color Looks almost pure russian. That explains why he ran so far.

Not much teeth. Looked to be a young boar.

Anyone care to guess the weight ? ? ? ? ? ?