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Hunting Stories:

08-02-09 2 More

I got a call from a friend of mine, Joey, that I havent been hunting with in several years. We just havent been able to hook upAnd he asked me to go hunting with he a Chuck. But we finally got to make a hunt together.  We kinda hunt the same General area but we decided to hunt one of his places.  We had a GOOD down pooring rain yesterday and knew that the hogs should be moveing. We meet at 5:30 am and had dogs on the ground by 6 .  It took us a while to locate the hogs but Joey and Chuck have some REALLY GOOD hog dogs that get out and "hunt" and dont give up.  They dissappered in the corn and after about 45 minutes we hear one of em open up about 400 yards. Then it got quit and then hog broke . We tracked to em again and after about 15 minutes in the thicket they started baying again.  I released PPC De'Angelo and PPC Recado to em. I also had my curs on the fourwheeler and sent them also.  Hog broke before the Dogos got there and off to the races it was. Started tracking them back the way we just came from . While sitting on the turn row all of a sudden about 200 yards ahead of us a big boar ran out of the corn and was high tailing it to the next country. We tried to run him dowm on the four wheelers and just as we got close he cut into a cotton field.  We stopped and waited to see what would happen and he pops out at the other end of the field and just as he to goes down into the drope off banks of the bayou 'Boots' hits him in the rear end.   And bays him up down at the bottom . Joey Turns his Bulldog 'Catch' to him and bam caught hog.  Just as we get the hog stuck The rest of the curs start showing up along with De'Angelo and Recado.  'Catch' took a hit under his jaw but will ok.  Joey and Corys curs rollon out and start back hunting while we are getting this hog out of the bottom of the Bayou. After about 30 more minutes we hear there curs sound off on the other side of the bayou. My sorry mutts went to em and all were baying pretty hard. We go out and around to the blacktop road and cross the bayou and back up to get even with them. Turned Recado and DeAngelo to em and when we got there it was a small boar about 75 lbs.  All the dogs rolled back out and we started tracking and the dogs splitt up .  Boots took a track by himself and ran it for about 3 miles as the crow flies. As we were tracking him with the GPS we saw a big hog track along with boots' track.  Makes a feller feel good when one of his young dogs takes a track and runs it like that. By the time we got him back and went and rounded up all the other dogs it was getting hot about 11:30, and the dogs were tired so we called it a day. It was a good hunt and a lot of fun with some good dog work.