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Hunting Stories
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05-02-09 Hunt "Boar"

I got an invite to go back on the property where Uno got killed. So i took them up on it. The property owner said that he had some pictures of hogs on his game cameras . My father went with me and we took his Jadg pup that he got from James. We Got up at 4 am and got the coffe made, dogs loaded, and arrived right as daylight was breaking. we were wanting to get an early start because of the heat. Well as my luck would have it we hunted for a few hours and jumpped one and ran it for a little while and then the hog hit the water and crossed a big slough and the dogs lost it. We made our rounds over the whole property and never got anything else.
So we left and on our way home i told my dad that i wanted to go by and check on one of my places. We put the dogs down and hunted for a while and coule tell they were starting to get tired . We was watching him on the Garmin GPS . Then I noticed Boots went out about 200 yards and startd circleing and zig zagging back and forth in one area. He kept going back and forth. Sadie finally went to the same area and made a round or two and then came on back. Boots continued for about 10 minutes and then he started going a little farther and was moving pretty fast. Before we knew it he was at 780 yards. So we loaded up all the dogs and headed that way. As we were going to him the GPS showed he was treed "Bayed" . We got as close to him as we could , 280 yards, and stopped to listed and he was telling the news . We turned the Dogos, Recado and De'Angelo, as well as the other curs to him. Just as they got to him it broke and i was pissed ! ! ! BUT they were hot on his tail and got him stopped and caught after about 300 more yards. I took off running to em and never heard a sound, other than the occasianal dur dog barking, so i knew it had to be a good one. When I got to em it was a REALLY nice Boar Hog about 250 lbs . Recado had one ear and De'Angelo had the other. I got the hog dispatched and checked the dogs over and no injuries. THANK GOODNESS . I didn't get any action pictures as i broke my camera because i had it in my pants pocket. I did get a few pictures afterwards with my cell phone . This was one mean UGLY, NASTY sucker. But he wasn't going anywhere with Recado and De'Angelo anchored on him.
Ol Boots pulled it off again and pulled a rabbitt out of the hatby him self. Or should i say a Hog . LOL

After the Catch

My Dad with the hog.

My Dad and I with the Hog

Me with a Close up of his head.