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04-18-10 Hunt in Texas

I got an invitation from Mason out in Texas to come and stay at his house and go hunting with him on some of his places. We had been planning this for a while but due to all the rain they had been getting we had to wait for it to dry up some. Finally made it out this weekend. We met up with some other friends of mine early Saturday morning on a new place pretty close to Masons . Just as we got there it started raining. So we waited it out a bit and dropped the dogs. Rode around for a couple of hours before we finally jumped a hog and it busted out of there like a jet plane. We went around to the next county road and started picking up dogs. Lost reception with one of Masons dogs and couldn find her. So we went back to get a long range antenna and came back looking for her. Finally picked her up 4.5 miles from where we jumped the hog. Man we were glad to find her. We got back to Masons house and put he put some pork chops on the grill and worked on my fourwheeler and got it back to going, thank goodness . After getting our bellys full we visited a while and planned our hunt for Sunday morning. When we got up Sunday it was raining pretty good so we waited it out. After it quit raining we headed out and dropped the dogs. Hunted for about an hour rotating out masons dogs and My dogs. We had my three on the ground, Boots, Coal, & Lilly, when they finally struck. We lost reception with them at .75 miles but Lilly came back in . After a few minutes we could faintly hear dogs barking but couldnt tell for sure it was mine. I stood on top of my fourwheeler and pick them up and it showed them to be bayed . We had to go back around to the truck and load up dogs and get the long range antenna out again. Finally picked them up at 2 miles away and still showed them bayed. So we loaded up the fourwheelers and went around to the next county road. The closest we could get to em was 1 mile . We stopped at a farm and asked for permission to go to them from there and they said it was ok but we had to walk in. So we grabbed De'Angelo and took off walking. We could still hear them bayed. I told Mason I would be suprised if they held the bay untill we got there because Coal just turned a year old this month and boots is only 2 years old. After crossing two major creeks we finally got to them and they still had the bay going. Man I was proud. We turned De'Angelo loose from about 30 yards . When he got to em a whole group of hog busted out and we caught one about 50 lbs. Boots rolled out and bayed another one about 75 yards . Just as we turned De'Angelo loose boots caught and De'Angelo sealed the deal. It was another sow about 120 lbs. We leashed up the dogs and started out. As we were crossing the creek boots took off again and made a big round and the bayed another hog. We sent De'Angelo and Coal to him and caught another hog. It was another sow about 100 lbs. Put Boots back on the leash and was trying to get out of there because we had a LONG way to go. As we were walking out Coal threw her head in the air and took off . She was about 100 yards out and we heard her start barking . So we turned Boots and D'Angelo loose . Just as we turned them loose we saw a group of hog bust out of there chaseing Coal, one of the hogs saw Mason and charged him. Mason swung up in a tree and boots and De'Angelo was hot on her heals. Boots hit her in the rear end and when she spun De'Angelo Caught her. It was another Sow about 175 lbs. Man it was action packed but i was worn out when we got back to the truck. And today sore like I just tried out for football . I want to thank Mason and his Wife for having me at there house and such great hospitality . I had a good time.

Hog #1

Hog #2

Hog #2 and Boots and Coal. I guess I'll buy them another bag of dog food

Mason Crossing the Creek

Hog #3

De'Angelo Not letting go, even after the hog was dead

Hog #4