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04-11-09 Withdrawl Hunt

I havent been hunting since Birgitte and Peter left because right after they left we went on vaction to Peurto Vallarta Mexico for a week . Then I had to be at work the next morning when we got back home. So its been about 2 weeks and I was having serious " WITHDRAWLS " .. So i called my Dad and asked him if he wanted to go and he said Of course. And I asked my son-in-law and he went along also. We got there about 8 am and dropped the dogs. After hunting about 30 minutes they struck and made a big loop and then left out. We were watching them on the GARMIN and they were headed towards the road we came in on . Just as we get to the fresh planted corn field and see the dogs just as they go into a wood patch . So we go to the road where they are headed and just as we get there way up ahead of us i see what i first thought was my dogs but then i realised it was a group of hogs and my dogs were about 50 yards behind them in hot purusit . Across another fresh planted corn field into the woods. We had to go all the way around because the corn is about 5 inches tall , sigh, So we go around and finally hear them bayed . Just as we start to let the Dogos go it breaks and off to the races again. after anothe short race they baed it again . This time were about 300 yards out so i cut Daisy and De'Angelo loose and before they got to em it brook again. It ran all the way across that wood patch another 800 yards then bayed again. Just as we get close to them hear comes Daisy and D'Angelo just in time to go in and catch in a creek bottom. FINALLY..... We start getting in there and it is so thick i was crawling and i got caught up in some vines and was at a stand still. I finally get about 10 yards from it and D'Angelo is on one ear and Daisy is on the other. The hog goes through some vines and out the other side and i see De'Angelo breaks off, or so i thought, . When it came out the other side he catches again just as it gets to the top of the creek bank. After we stick it i see that the ear De'Angelo was on was completey torn off. Got a few pictures and loadrd the hog and started hunting again. Boots took off and left out with the others not far behind him. They run for a while and then we hear em bayed solid. They were 900 yards out and we start going to them only to find a bayou between them and us. After going up and down the bayou a few times trying to find a place to cross i said well it looks like were gonna get wet. So off we went. Crossed it and started walking to em only to have it break when we got about half way there. They ran him for a little while again but dont get him stopped again. It was a good hunt. But man its aggravating to have one bayed for that long and not able to get to it . Heres a few pictures .