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04-10-10 Hunt

I got invited to go on a hunt with a guy that wanted to take a client of his. We met up at daylight and started hunting. We hunted for a while and didnt see much sign . As usual I was ratating out the dogs ast be able to keep them kinda fresh . I had Recado on the trailer and Jane was running loose with the curs. After about 2 hours of hunting they finally struck and got a hog going. As we were waiting for them to get it stopped we noticed Jane broke away from the curs and appeared to be running on a different track. As we were sitting there listening we heard a hit and the some grunting. I knew she was caught and didnt have an help as the garmin showed the curs in a different direction so I sent Recado to her and we took off running in. It wasnt but just a few minutes the hog started squealing so i knew Recado was there with Jane. We got to them and it was a nice sow about 175 lbs . I let Dan stick it and we got Recado and Jane off and we heard the curs baying about 300 yards away. Jane and Recado took off to em and when we got there they were caught in a Slough. One of the guys asked what do we do now ? I took off my coat and emptyed my pockets and told him " we getting wet thats what we do" . So we went in and I legged the hog and let him get his first stick. It was anpther sow but only about 100 lbs. Dogs rolled out again and I heard on of my cur pups baying so and the other dogs were running another hog. When I got to the pup it was a little pig about 10 lbs . We made our way back to the fourwheelers and I looked at the Garmin and it showed Sadie at .75 miles away and still running and already across the main highway. So i took off and went around to her. When I finally caught up to her She had a pig about 50 lbs caught . When I got back to the other guys they had a big ol smile on there faces and said that they had caught another hog while i was gone. It was about 50 lbs also. As we were sitting there talking the dogs struck another hog and caught it about 300 yards off. It was another little pig about 40 lbs. All in all we caught 7 pigs and had a GREAT time. We went back and skinned all the pigs and they took some meat back with them . I tried to make this a short story but somehow got long winded . LOL