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Last few hunts

Birgitte and Peter came in on Wendnesday the 18th of March and I had a few hunts lined up so on Thursday Marty Capers and his wife came over and we went hunting Thursday night. On the hunt was B & P , Marty and Nicole Capers, my dad Robert Garrett, my sons Daniel and Dillion and myself . We dropped the dogs out and hunted for a little while and then they struck. The Garmintracking system was on the dogs and two of Martys dogs ran for about 3 hours before the dog finally bayed up. We couldn't hear them but according to the GPS we were at .73 miles away but it showed they were bayed so off we went to em. We had to drive around to get to them and when we got 500 yards out and we stopped to listen and they were baying hard. We went to 200 yards out and turned Recado and Daisy to em and it was all over but the squealing. Caught hog. It was a nice little russian boar about 175 lbs. They were caught in the water so we all got wet. We caught and tied him alive and brought him out And it was a cold ride on the 4 wheelers back to the truck. We got back to the house at around 4 am .

We rested Friday and then Saturday Morning the 21st, we went hunting again and had a dry run. We went home and had a little cooking and eating and went back hunting Saturday night. On this hunt was Marty and Nicole Capers, Birgitte and Peter, Robert Garrett, Dillion Garrett, Ryan Garrett, Vincent Kong and one of his friends, Nick Garza, and myself. We hunted for a little while and the curs started running a track. I had Daisy on the ground and De'Angelo and Eloy was on the fourwheeler. We road up to a pipeline and stopped and was waiting on the curs they were all to the left when all of the sudden Daisy dissapeared to the right of the pipeline. Then we hear this crash and a hit and a heck of a fight . We realize Daisy found and caught a hog and there was no squealing so we knew it was a good one. I turn De'Angelo and Eloy to her and when we get there Daisy was on one ear and De'Angelo was on the other and Eloy was on the jaw. We get the hog legged and Dillion pulled Daisy of and holler shes cut bad. He tied her to a tree and she fell over. After we got the hog tied Marty went to her and gave her medical attention and stappled her up and got the bleeding to stop.

After letting Daisy rest for about 30 minutes we get her back on her feet and get the hog and dogs out. It was a good boar about 275 with cutters about 2 inches.

Got home at about 3 am and doctored up the dogs .
We rested again Sunday and then went over to Martys place on Monday and hunted Monday night. Jumped the hogs as soon as we put them on the ground and they ran and ran and ran. We finally picked up the last 2 dogs 3.7 miles as the crow flies from where we started the hogs. Hunted the rest of the night and didnt catch anything. We got out ran but hey thats the way it goes sometimes. Thats why they call it hunting. LOL
We went hunting again Thursday morning On this hunt was B & P, My Dad Robert, My brother Marty, and myself. We hunted for a couple of hours and finally struck. Got a bay going and turned Recado to em because Daisy and De'Angelo were on I/R . We made it to the catch and it was a decent little boar about 100 lbs. We stuck this one and the curs rolled out again.

After a short race the curs showed to be bayed again at 700 yards . We grabbed Recado and took off on foot again. When we got about 300 yards from the bay we turned Recado loose and off like a freight train he went. We got to em and he was caught in a creek. We caught and tied this one alive and brought it out. It was another nice little boar about 160 - 170 lbs.

When get back to where we left the first hog we cam across this big Timber Rattler. He was 5 feet long without the head and had 18 rattlers and a button. We skinned him out and keep the hide and meat. This is the biggiest Rattler I have personally killed or even seen.

We had some great hunts and good luck catching 4 hogs in one week. It usually doesnt happen like that. It was good to get to hunt with B & P again and let them see there dogs work. They are now on the big plane on there way back to Denmark. I hope they had as good of a time as I did.