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02-28-10 Hunt

I got out and made a round early Sunday morning. Put the cur dogs on the ground and had my Dogo gyp, Jane , running with em . They all disappear for a few minutes and i was ridding there way with my other dogo ,Recado, on the four wheeler. About the time i heard a bark the Ball joint falls out my four wheeler. So im standing there by myself looking like a BIG DUMMY . Watched em on the Garmin and they went about 700 yards in the woods and showed to be caught. Only one choice. Time to foot it. So I left Recado on the bike and headed to em. When I got there it was a decent sow about 150 lbs. As soon as I stuck it I caught Jane and the curs rolled out and went another 400 yards and bayed again. This time I lead Jane in and caught a Nice sow about 200 lbs. Got her stuck and Marked the location on my garmin and the curs rolled out again . This time they went about 300 yards back the direction of the fourwheeler . I lead Jane in and as soon as I turned her loose it broke before she got to em . Ran another 600 yards back the direction I just came from and Jane went with the curs and got it shut down. I stuck this hog and it was another decent sow about 150 lbs. Marked it on the GPS and put Jane on a leash and headed back to my fourwheeler whic by the way now is almost a mile away. I heard the curs baying but i was DONE. Got back to the wheeler and done some field repair and Luckily I had some black electrical tape with me. So after about 45 minutes of i putting the ball Joint back in place and taped it up hoping it would hold I headed back to the truck and put the Dogos up. then i went back and retrieved all 3 hogs and all of the dogs and drug them back to the truck. Went to my dads house and cleaned the hogs and put them in the freezer for making some sausage at a later date.

1st hog

3rd hog

Black tape holding up the Ball Joint. LOL

Hogs being taken out

1st hog

2nd hog

3rd Hog