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Hunting Stories
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The A - Team 02-21-09 Hunt

Got to make another hunt this morning with a friend and it was only he and I . We let the dogs out and started along the woodline. I had only three curs on the ground Sadie, Lilly, and Dot . I had three dogos with me and was letting 2 run on the ground , Daisy and Recado , I had De'Angelo on the fourwheeler for backup just in case the dogs split and the other dogos we not around. Sadie and Lilly took off and started working farther and farther out. Sadie was kind going right and Lilly was kinda going left. They were out about 380 yards when I hear lilly fire up. I cut De'Angelo loose and Recado and Daisy was already heading to her. Just as luck would have it they broke before the dogos got to em and was off to the races. After about 15 minutes Daisy and De'Angelo come back. Deangelo took off by me and went back in the woods and a few minnutes later i hear a pig squeal. De'Angelo had found caught a pig about 15 - 20 lbs. Then got him loaded up and start tracking to Lilly and Sadie and they were 1.8 miles away. Get 400 yards from em and stop the 4 wheelers . We hear them hammering . We go to about 150 yards from em and cut De'Angelo and Daisy to em. It wasn't but a few seconds and they hit. Then we hear the grunting. Got in and dispatched her. A sow about 210 lbs . De'Angelo is one hog hating machine. I call him " Alligator Mouth ". He doesnt want to let go. even after the hog is dead.
While dragging her out Sadie rolls back out and is off to the races again. Tracked her for about another 3/4 mile . We go as far as we can go on the 4 wheeler and stop about 350 yards out . Turn De'Angelo and Daisy to her and we start running. When I get there it was a nice boar about 250 lbs . I get it stuck and Catch Sadie this time. LOL . Man i was really proud of the Lilly and Sadie for sticking with the hog for so long and Daisy and De'Angelo for getting the deal sealed.

The pig De'Angelo found and caught on his own .

Action shot of The Sow . I LOVE the way De'Angelo catches and sits down on his front .

The boar .

The 2 curs Lilly and Sadie and the 2 Dogos De'Angelo and Daisy .

Big boar hog on Tailgate of truck.