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02-13-10 Pre Valentines Boar

I had a lot of things going on this weekend but just couldn't find myself sitting at home in what little spare time i had. So after getting the grandkids settled in and my wife had things under controll with them i loaded up and headed out. Got a late start but started hunting about 11:30 or so. I was wanting to get my pups some work so I kept Sadie and Boots on the four wheeler and had only my four pups on the ground. Three of which are under a year old and the other one just turned a year old. I road four about an hour and finally seen some fresh sign and the pups took of and made a couple loops and then streighten it out . watched them on the garmin and lost signal at .6 miles so i headed there way and got to about 500 yards from em and could hear em baying but it didnt last long and broke. they ran it another 700 yards and couldnt hang with it . When they came back my little "Ree" dog , from Thre at Look fur em, had a pretty good cut in her front shoulder. Even though they didn't hold him i was pretty proud of my pups.
I started roading the dogs again and this time i put my older dogs Sadie and Boots on the ground with the pups Along with my dogo, PPC De'Angelo . Road for about 30 minutes or so and all the dogs dissapeared for a few minutes and the i heard a bark and then a race . I knew they were in HOT PURSUIT as they sounded like a pack of deer dogs running a deer. My dogo was running with them and they went out of hearing . I looked at the garmin and they were 900 yards and still rolling. I waited for a few minutes and looked back at the garmin and it showed all the dogs to be sitting still at .63 miles, Including De'Angelo. So i knew they were caught. I took off on the fourwheller to get to em and had to go around and through a cow pasture . It took me about 15 minutes to get to em and when i got there it was a nice russian boar about 250 lbs . I stuck the hog and he tried to hit the water on me but i held him untill he fell over and then took a couple of pictures. De'Angelo and Boots both had a few cuts on em so i took De'Angelos vest off to check him out but nothing was serious. This is when the work began . I pulled my fourwheeler up to the barbed wire fence and unspooled my wench as far as it would go , then hooked a rope to it and had to drag this sucker up out of the edge of the water to reach the rope. Then wenched it up and out to the cow pasture. After taking a breather I hooked the dogs up to the fence and got a picture with the hog.

Boots, De'Angelo, Sadie, Coal

Coal, Boots, De'Angelo

My pack with there Hog .
Coal, Tip, Boots, Sadie, De'Angelo, Copper, Ree

The Grand Babys had to see the hog when I got back home. LOL