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01-25-09 Hunt 3 more down

Went hunting and Both of my sons, my brother, my nephew and my friend Lane . Went to the first spot and hunted for a couple of hours and never got a bark. Went to another place and about 5 minutes into the hunt the dogs fell baying and sent Deangelo and Daisy to em and then we heard em hit and then started grunting. We figuered it was a decent boar. My son Daniel Legged it and flipped it and we pulled the dogs of and tied it up. It was a nice little russian boar about 180 lbs. We then hauled it out to the truck and put it in to the live box. Turned the dogs loose again and made another round and Sadie went out about 680 yards, according to my new GARMIN ASTRO 220, and we could barely hear her. The other dogs joined her and we drove a little closer on the 4 wheelers and just as we get about 200 yards from her they broke. We were looking at them on the GPS tracking system and we notice they are going across a road and open field. We hauled tail that direction and when we got ther they were all the way accross the field. We saw an oilfield worker in his truck that said he saw a HUGE boar with about 2 inches of teeth running out of the woods and accross the field . He said he watched it not knowing anyone was hunting with dog and all of a sudden he saw the dogs coming out in hot pursuit . He said the hog had about a 1/4 mile jump on the dogs. Its amazing how they can go from a bay to being that far ahead of the dogs in that quick. We caught all the dogs except for Boots, Lilly and Luke . Tracked them and they rolled another 1.8 miles according to the GPS over on a property we don't have permission to hunt. So we waited for them to come back.
Then we headed to another section and in short order Sadie dissappeared and then the other dogs left out and in a few minutes we heard Sadie fire up . Then the other chimed in . Sent De'Angelo and Daisy to em and in a few minutes we heard it squeal. Got there and it was a nice sow about 150 lbs. Tied her up to a tree and the dogs rolled out. After about an hour we heard a few barks and then a squeal. Daniel and Lane went to em and Sadie and Uno caught a shoat about 30 lbs . Dogs kept running pigs for the next couple of hours and it got dark on us. All in all it was a good hunt with three hogs caught and brought out Alive.

Second hog, Sow.

The Dogos De'Angelo and Daisy