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01-17-10 Hunt

I planned on doing a little hunting but was wanting to do some puppy work and get my pups on some hogs. Two of them are 9 months old and One is 10 months old. Got all the dogs loaded up and went hunting . Started hunting and it wasn't but just a few minutes and all the curs rolled out including the three pups. Heard em start baying. I waited for just a few minutes untill it sounded solid and let the pups bay a little with the older dogs. I turned De'Angelo and Jane to em and it was a done deal. Caught hog. It was a Nice Sow about 200 lbs. Got it stuck and the dogs rolled out and ran for a while. Boots showed to be bayed at 700 yards . Went closer and we heard a pig squealing . When we got to them it was a shoat about 10 lbs and the dogs killed it. Looked at the GPS and Sadie showed to be bayed at 750 yards. We listened and could hear her set down solid. Boots and All the pups and took off and went to her. We just sat tight untill we hheard them start baying with Sadie. We eased that way and stopped at 250 yards out and they were still hammering. turned De'Angelo and Jane to em and Sealed the Deal caught another sow about 175 lbs. Sadie and Boots rolled out before could catch em. Got the Dogos leashed up and tied to a tree so we could load hog #3 on the four wheeler. Got it tied down and Dogo loaded up and the pups came back in. I looked at the GPS and I lost signal with Sadie and Boots at 1.3 Miles . Started to heading there way trying to get reception and had to go back by the truck so we unloaded all the hogs and dogs. Looked at the GPS again and it showed Sadie and Boots to still have no signal. Continued to where I lost signal at and finally picked them back up and theyt were another 1.5 miles away right near the main Highway . I was nervous that they may have gotten hit by a car because it showed them to be bayed . Hauled A$$ down the Highway and got 300 yards from them and turned off the 4 wheeler and could hear them hammering down . Road to 150 yards and cut De'Angelo and Jane loose and BAM caught hog #4 . It was another Sow about 180 lbs . I got this one stuck and looked back at the GPS to see how far it was from where we caught the 3rd hog and it was 2.5 miles as the crow flies. Man i was proud of Sadie and Boots for sticking with this one like this. I was also proud of my pups . They were in on 3 of the 4 hogs. I didn't get many action shots because the action was happening to fast ;D but heres a few pictures of the hogs and dogs.


PPC Ursula "Jane"