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01-02-10 Nice Sow

It was Nice and cold Saturday morning and I had the itch to get out and do some hunting since it was a NEW YEAR. A little to cold for my liken. So I waited untill about noon to get out and drop the tailgate. I wanted to do some dog work with some young pups so i first put my old dog, Sadie, down and three pups. I rode north on the fourwheeler for about 1/4 mile and Sadie went out into a Johnson grass patch and started barking. In short order all three pups fell right in with her but before they were solid bayed it broke and off to the races. This is pretty common with these freaking Russian hogs around here. The pups done well untill they hit the a flat and it was about 1/2 knee deep in water. They began to come back in but Sadie was about 1 mile farther North. So I gathered the pups and started trying to make my way to her. I stopped to get another reading on her and i heard something in the weeds coming to me . Looked up and saw about 5 little pigs . Turned the pups loose and caught 2 of them. About 10 lbs each. Got the pups loaded back up and got another reading on Sadie and she done made a big loop and was a Mile South. I went back by the truck and swapped the pups out with a couple older dogs and started heading to Sadie. I got to the black top road and she had already crossed. Looked at the Garmin and she was across the Slough at 1.23 miles . I rode every direction to get to her with no luck. So I went to the place where she crossed and figured She would come back after a while. After about and hour she started coming back in. She got 600 yards and started baying. I sent some more curs to her and they all Fell Bayed. I rode the four wheeler to 200 yards from them and could hear a RALLY going on. Turned my Dogo, Jane, To em and heard her hit. I heard the fight and then the bay broke. SON OF A GUN ! ! ! They ran a few more minutes and I got Jane caught . She had a couple small cuts on her front leg. The curs got one of the group stopped and bayed solid. I lead Jane in to about 40 yards and cut her loose. Caught hog. When I got to the catch it was a BIG OL SOW . I got her stuck and Sadie and Boots rolled out again before i could get them caught . Dang I was done but they werent. I wenched the sow out and drug her back to the road. Looked at the garmin and it showed Sadie bayed at 1.15 miles and Boots bayed at .75 miles. I left them bayed and went and got my truck and loaded all the dogs up. Went and picked up my sow and waited for the dogs. Finally got them back about 2 hours later. It was a good hunt with some meat for sausage making .