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Perro Pelea Cordobes Uniqo

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Uniqo stand 16 months.jpg (313517 bytes) Uniqo,11-25-05,2.jpg (225874 bytes) Uniqo, Peter back porch1.jpg (171648 bytes) Perro_Pelea_Cordobes_Uniqo.gif (36586 bytes)
Niko Stacked Right     Pedigree
niko01.jpg (213439 bytes) Niko Front.jpg (221913 bytes) Winners.jpg (275014 bytes) Perro_Pelea_Cordobes_HTT.jpg (1096421 bytes)
Niko Stacked Left Niko front


Niko and Recado with the Show  Winnings Hunting Temperment Tested
Nike_Ran_Down_Sow.jpg (235733 bytes) Cacique_Niko.jpg (230120 bytes) Caciqu_Niko_ Hunting.jpg (216712 bytes) IHD_Certificate_.jpg (1104851 bytes)
Niko and Daniel Posing with the 150# sow that Niko saw, ran down and caught without the aid of any other dogs. My good friend, Donte Adams with his Dogo Cacique, myself with Niko, and my son Dillon. Donte (aka "Indiana Jones") with Cacique and me with Niko, hunting in South Texas. Intermediate Hunting Dog Certification