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Perro Pelea Cordobes De'Angelo

Perro Pelea Cordobes De'Angelo was born January 11, 2008 in Denmark, a special breeding made by Peter Van Gils and Birgitte Nielson. His Sire is Pampero Del Huaico, an Import from argentina and son of the legendary Quebracho de los Medanos. His Dame is Nacha which is from the old lines of Perro Pelea Cordobes Kennel . De'Angelo arrivied at my home in April of 2008 . I started hunting him at 9 months old and he recieved his Intermediate Hunting Certificate at the age of 11 months. I have been activily hunting him ever since with outstanding results and numerous hogs caught including several big boars over 250 lbs.
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Front Head Shot

Side Head Shot

De'Angelo wanting out

DeAngelo's Pedigree

De'angelo front view of his L3 Breastplate

01-17-10 De'Angelo after catching 4 Hogs

01-17-10 De'Angelo and Jane after catching 4 Hogs

DeAngelo's Intermediate Hunting Certificate

11-23-09 De'Angelo Caught on a good sow about 225 lbs

11-23-09 De'Angelo and Brica De Ladogos each caught on there own hog

11-23-09 De'Angelo and Brica De Ladogos each caught on there own hog

10-17-09 A 225 lb Boar caught with De'angelo and Brica De Ladogos

09-25-09 Me and De'angelo wiith a 275 lb Boar caught by De'Angelo

09-06-09 Kevin Adkins with De'Angelo still holding on to a 225 lb Boar

09-06-09 Michael and Me and De'angelo with a 225 lb boar

De'Angelo with his L3 Outdoors Breastplate

05-02-09 De'angelo & Recado with my father Robert Garrett after catching a big Boar

My Father Robert Garrett with a 250 lb Boar caught by De'Angelo and Recado 05-02-09

De'Angelo riding and Listening for a dog to bark

250 lb Boar caught by Recado and De'Angelo

Daisy and De'angelo with a Nice Sow they caught

De'Angelo at 16 months A True Dogo

De'Angelo at 4 months old

12-05-08 De'Angelo and Adora De Ladogos

12-05-08 De'Angelo with a 250 lb Sow